How to Use Google Keyword Planner. Tips & Guide for beginner.

If you are a little familiar with web development then you may have also heard the word SEO. The word SEO stand for Search Engine Optimization, Or you can say to optimize your content on internet so user can reach easily to your app or website.

Outcome of SEO depends on many factors like keyword, coding style, content, design etc. Today we will discuss about one of these factor which is KEYWORD and the most important part of Seo. You can’t start Seo without planning your keyword. Keywords are the base of any Seo operation.

For better Seo you should plan your keyword very carefully. Because if the base is not strong enough to bear the load of structure the it may collapse.

There are several keyword planner tool on internet. Most of these tools are paid whereas very few tool serve for free. One of the most popular tool for planning keyword is Google Keyword Planner.

Google keyword planner is a free service offered by Google Inc. You can plan your word effectively and smartly to compete your opponent. Google keyword planner provides you different metrics data which might be very useful if you are from content writing or blogging sector.

Now I will tell you step by step how to use Google keyword planner tool.


Step 1: Access Google Keyword Planner

Unlike many others tool offered by google which we can access directly with a link of domain address, keyword planner is work in a different way. In order to use the Google Keyword Planner, you need to have a Google Ads account.

If you don’t have an Adwords account already, you can set easily by going on Google Ads. Just follow the instructions.

Note: Google will ask you to set up a google adword campaign to proceed further but you don’t have to run an active campaign by paying any money to use the Keyword Planner.

After completion of google adword signup process you will be redirected to dashboard.

Below image is dashboard.


Where you will see “Tools & Setting” option in top right corner. Click on this option and you will see some options. There will be an option named Keyword Planner. Click on this option and you will be redirected to keyword planner tool.

Step 2: Choose Your Option

After you click on keyword planner option, you will shown two option.

  1. Discover new keywords
  2. Get search volume and forecasts

You have to choose 1st   option  Discover new keywords, because it’s best for keyword planning. Now a window will open and you have two option.


1ST option is for those who want to search an plan keyword for their website or app.

2nd option is for those who want to explore a website seo position. With this feature we can see about other website seo strategy and we can now that what kind of keyword they are working on.

We will go with 1st option for now. Choose “Start with keyword” option which is already selected.

Step 3: Enter some random keyword as per you plan

Now you will be shown an input field where you can enter some keyword as per your business sector.

For example if you are selling flower then you should enter keywords like flower, rose, best flower online, buy flower from home or any other phrase you can create. You may choose “Include brand name” option but it’s not necessary.

Below keyword input field there will be an option named “Enter a domain to use as a filter”. If you have already an website and you want to check that above entered keyword matched with your website or not then enter your domain name. But it’s not necessary too. Now click on “Get Result” button.


Step 4: Sort and Filter Keyword Result

Now you will redirect to result screen where you can see complete detail about the keyword you entered. Google will also suggest some keywords related to keyword you entered. You can change your keyword or add more keywords by clicking on input box where your existing keywords are displayed.

You can add filters with “Add Filter” option or sort any row by click on main heading.

Now you can see there are several heading like,

  1. Keywords (Related with your search)
  2. Avg. Monthly Search (How may time this words searched in google)
  3. Competition (Mainly it’s related to advertisers, as how much can they pay for a keyword )
  4. Ad impression share (For advertiser only)
  5. Top of page bid (Low Range)
  6. Top of page bid (High Range)

Top of page bid mean how much an advertiser has paid to google in range of low to high. It is not fully accurate but we can know that a certain keyword can be how much lucrative for visitors.

Step 5: Analyze and Observe Keyword

Now we well analyze each keyword as per our business requirement. For this we have to focus of the metrics and keyword connection with our business. We will take few steps for this,

  1. Shortlist some keyword in your mind relevant to our business
  2. Sort these Avg. monthly searches high to low .
  3. Competition section is not important for you.
  4. Observe the Top of page bid for every keyword you shortlisted.

Now we well measure that our shortlisted keywords has a good average monthly searches eg; 100k-1M, and Top of page bid also high because it is our potential monetization size range (Estimated) of our business.

Note : If you have already decided you business sector than you should search keyword related to that sector and related to current trend. For example if you sell home décor and its Christmas tree then your search result for Christmas tree will be on peak during November and December but in mid year it will at on least. So always focus on the season with you service or product.

Step 6: Choose Keyword

As we have shortlisted some keywords based on Relevant keyword, Avg. monthly searches and Top of page bid. Now we will choose our final keyword from these. Finalizing a great lucrative keyword can be quite tricky sometime.

For example if you a Christmas tree seller online and you want to create a blog post about Christmas tree decoration idea, You might go for the keyword “Christmas tree” but it’s very broad or you may choose “Best idea for Christmas to decorate Christmas tree” but isn’t it too lengthy ?

I think “Christmas tree decoration” would be the best for this. Let’s see what happen if we search for  “Christmas tree decoration” keyword.

We get the result below.

keyword result for google keyword planner tool

As we can see the Avg. monthly searches for “Christmas tree decoration” are 1k-10k and the competition is high, its mean advertisers are quite interested in this keyword. Top page bid is between $1.23 to $5.76 which is not bad. Competition is low because it September.

As I made this search in September, but if it was November or December then the “Christmas tree decoration” keyword could had an avg. monthly searches of 100k-1m and the page bid could be between $10-$150 range. As I told you it all depend on the season.

So if our keyword has all three terms in good range then consider it a right keyword for you. But remember that this metrics are fluctuating by time. So be prepare for future competition.

Now we have chosen our keyword, what to do next ?

Step 7: Deep Research on chosen keyword

Now we will select this keyword for deep research with few steps.

  1. Select this keyword be click on checkbox near keyword name.
  2. Now we will see an option “Add Keyword” above the keyword table. Click on this.
  3. Now in left sidebar there is an option named “Plan overview”. Click on this.

Now you can see the complete deep detail about your keyword future potentiality. Like click, impression, cost, CTR, Avg.CPC. Avg. position.

We need only impression estimate for our research. The impression data we get is the number of impression we can get in the future within given time period. You can change time period with the option available on the top.

Pro Tip:

If you still can’t finalized your keyword they you can choose this shortcut way. For this we have to start over from step two.

On 2nd step there was an option named “START WITH A WEBSITE” in “Discover new keyword” window.

We will type any of our competitor website in this field and find keyword with good search volume have relevant metrics. It is like eating the apple cut by someone else.

Yes, most of blogger going with that shortcut way nowadays as it save a lot of time.

Fro more on SEO read this blog : Seo of blog post

Final Words:

I tried to write most of the steps but in my words,


Vimal Soni

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If you have some advice related to this article. I would love to hear from you.

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