How to get rid of Dark Inner Thighs – Home Remedies

Are you also facing the problem of dark thighs? Even if you have fair skin tone but your thighs are not mixing with your natural skin color. Do not worry about that there is many solution for that; however there are many products available in the market that claims for skin lighting fast, but sometime they can do reaction to your sensitive skin, here we are mentioning some home remedies for dark inner thighs and natural skin lightening

Coconut oil with lime juice

Coconut oil is good for healthy skin, it also moistures your skin and improves the skin tone. You simple does that take 3 table spoon of coconut oil and add half tsp of lemon juice in it, mix it well and message on your dark area of thighs for 15 minutes daily. It will surely give you fine results.

Curd and lemon

Curd and lemon are good mixture for skin and they also work like natural bleach for your skin. Both has acidic properties which lighten the skin faster and remove darkness. Take 2tsp sour curd and mix half lemon juice and gently message on area.

Potato, honey and tomato juice

Peel and grate half of potato and add it into some tomato juice and also add some drops of honey mix it well and gently apply on the area and wait till dry and wash it with cold water.

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